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independently verified. in texas today, speaking to veterans, the vice president continued the drum beat to punish bashar al assad. >> there's no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> reporter: the white house is not waiting for a report from the u.n. chemical weapons team that finally got to the attack site monday. officials tell nbc news, they have intelligence intercepts, tying the attack to the regime. plus physical evidence. >> we know the regime maintains custody of the chemical weapons in syria, and uses the types of rockets that were used to deliver chemical weapons on august 21st, the opposition does not. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron cut short his holiday to call a special session of parliament thursday. >> what we've seen in syria are appalling scenes of death and suffering because of the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. i don't believe we can let that stand. >> reporter: russia's vladimir putin interrupted a meeting to take a call from the british prime minister. putin is still blockin
years old. he has been in the hospital for two months for treatment of a lung infection. boy in texas is trying to help victims of the tornado that hit moore, oklahoma. he is spending his summer mowing lawns in the texas heat to raise money. when the tornado hit, the city was david stated -- devastated. thousands of homes were damaged. dylan says he wants to help people recover. it is 104 degrees. that didn't stop me. 90 lawns and two months and raised $16,000. the money was donated from one oklahoma family with six kids. 104 degrees didn't stop him. >> hard work out there. >> we are not going to see anything like that. >> the record is 98 degrees. not even close to that. this summer, not so hot out there. it is pretty nice. temperatures are generally in the 60s and 70s. 76 degrees at reagan national airport. seven off for our. mostly cloudy skies. the clouds will break apart to the north of us to increase to the south of d.c. 83 with the high. in record was 90 degrees 2010. that was not even the super hot summer we had last year. the record low as 55 in 1919. the weatherbug network,
. severe storms around the texas panhandle. scattered showers from south dakota to minnesota. thunderstorms for much of the east coast. and in the west, from new mexico, to colorado. >> mostly 80s in the rockies. 70s in the upper midwest. 90s in t the southeast. 80s from boston to atlanta. >>> still ahead, a star-studded dispute. which actor left the movie set because he wasn't getting $3 million for less than a week of work? >>> plus, an international manhunt is under way, after investigators say a teenage girl was abducted from her own home. this morning, the plea from her father. >>> and reducing the risk of dementia. what doctors are saying about a connection between alzheimer's and your blood sugar level. >>> and welcome back. a new day brings new trouble for another megabank. this time, jpmorgan chase. the biggest u.s. bank says it's facing a criminal probe by the justice department over bad mortgages. it admits that investigators have concluded that the bank violated securities laws. this comes just one day after we learned that the government is suing bank of america. >>> dangerous
a national trend. several days of tax-free back to school shopping. georgia, massachusetts and texas are giving the state sponsored discount this weekend. connecticut will get it next weekend. earlier this month, a dozen other states took part. retailers are as delighted as consumers. >> shirt -- >> shirt. >> pants -- >> pants. >> shoes -- >> shoes. especially in this economy, every little bit helps. >> reporter: are you excited to go back? >> yeah. >> reporter: total sales could top $42 billion, and parents say every penny saved makes a difference. >> i looked forward to that growing up in texas as well. thanks for the story. >>> exciting news surrounding the centuries-old mona lisa mystery. who is the face on one of the most famous paintings in the world? the model for the masterpiece? scientists think her identity could be revealed through dna testing. here's abc's kirit. >> she appears larger from the left -- >> reporter: the clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so ground breaking, you might expect to find tom hanks from "the da vinci code" on the scene. instead it's
he had a crush on her. >> reporter: detectives are following leads from texas to canada and mexico. thanks in part to the first statewide amber alert issued to all california cell phones. >> you bring her back. >> reporter: this community near san diego hold out hope for hannah's safe return. >> dimaggio is believed to be driving the blue nissan versa, he may have ditched the car for another one. they're searching every tip that comes into their office. john, diana. >> thank you. now to texas, a day-long interruption in the military trial of the man admits carrying out the fort hood shooting rampage. army major nidal hasan, representing himself. stand by attorneys objected. they told the judge, hasan is putting up no defense in order to getxecuted. >> their job is to represent their client and prevent him from getting the death penalty. their perception is that is something he in fact wants. >> reporter: hasan said attorneys are twisting the facts. he did not elaborate. was not allowed to plead guilty. the judge insisted keeping a legal team on stand by to make sure he gets a fair
hanging over the center of the nation again today. >> right now, it's raining from texas to the northeast. and in missouri, rescue teams were out in full force, searching for friends and family members. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: it was a dramatic scene that had two tennessee parents in a panic. little lauren, rescued from her family's attic by firefighters. her father, in shock. >> next thing you know, we're in the attic, trying to get the baby upstairs. and it's hard. it's scary. you don't know what the water's going to do. so -- lose a home. >> reporter: firefighters wading through that chest-high water, clutching on to baby lauren's carrier to get her to safety. >> it was emotional. you know, you see your baby. and she's a newborn. how are you going to do this? what are you going to do to get us out? >> reporter: across the nashville area, swollen creeks caused flash flooding, forcing some to the safety of their roofs. and leaving cars floating on streets. rescue teams fanned out, fighting the fast-moving waters, to get people out. not just tennessee. from arkansas, to miss
. when i was younger, i spent summers, make money. mow lawns. do a lot of things. fine, a boy in texas spent his summer mowing lawns and making money like a million other all-american boys. 11-year-old dillon ortman. wasn't doing it to make money for him sef. raising money for victims of oklahoma, he mowed nearly 90 lawns in two months. he raised $16,000. >> i want to live where he is living. >> for moore, oklahoma. >> and in adegs to whdition to charged. he cannot stop his work. he said i worked in 104 degrees. and my dad says you are going to work to the bone, dillon. it was important to him. he made $16,000. mowing lawns. he is going to donate. >> what a good kid. i love that. >> check this out. a minor craze. across malaysia. it happened and you went to seep it with alexa. >> i saw despicable one. >> despeicable two. and this was posted to day. 25,000 hit. and with the happy meal, is giving away despicable me two little characters. people went crazy. they were on lynn to get the toys. i remember a craze similar. disney princesses at mcdonald's. never that crazy. look at that. at la
. not at the stadium in atlanta. remember the one, involving josh hamilton, texas rangers, tossed the ball up into the stands. a dad reaching for it went right over the rail. the son witnessed it. >> died in front of his son. really sad. this one we don't know the details. it was rainy. a rain delay. that's all the information that we have right now. we don't know what the particulars are. >> don't know if alcohol was involved. one thing they'll look at. >> don't know if alcohol was involved, or rainy, slipped and fell. it is tragic for the man and his family. >> no doubt. the guilty verdict against former boston mobster, james "whitey" bulger, his attorney says bulger plans to appeal his convictions that were carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. abc's gio benitez has the the details. >> reporter: james "whitey" bulger unflinching, justice a long time coming especially for the families of the 11 people he killed. >> after 31 years, after a lot of fbi cover-ups, deceits and lies, we finally have somebody guilty in the murder of my father. >> reporter: a former mobster once said, whitey bulger c
, texas. you are a certified golf-course superintendent. that i am, one of less th 1,600 in the world. wow. i was gonna say, that's not -- does every golf course have a superintendent? no, sir. there are some that don't, but most do. you're married? i am, married for 16 years, have two lovely children -- cameron that's 8 and carson that is 11. nice to have you here. laramie williams is from littleton, colorado. let's hear about you. what do you do b back there? i work for a national l compay in sales that helps commercial contractors fi work. yeah, that's by day, but by night? by night, i enjoy acting. i do a little bit of improv here and ther and this man claims toave been -- rodney, you might want to move over. this man's claimed to be struck by lightning tee times. yeah, never directly on my head, but i was in my cacar, i was on my bike. the shock knocked me off my bike, and it struck right by me a third time. but you're okay. i'm okay. everyone says that i should go buy a lotteryry ticket. i say, "yeah, 'cause i'm so lucky?" [ laughter ] exactly. all right, well, everything's fine. thi
, louis gohmert, republican, and joaquin castro, democrat. both from texas. setting aside donald trump, it appears there's an intensity of activity in iowa, particularly on the republican side. we saw claire mccaskill out for hillary this weekend. it's in part because it's so wide open in the gop. >> both parties will be nominating someone who's not president. that opens it up a lot. the democratic field, they have a weak bench, and be careful what they wish for to clear the field and have no competition. the last time almost uncontested nomination was '56, with stevenson. he probably would have been beaten anyway, but he was beaten. competition is good for parties. the republican party is going to get their fill of it. >> no question, but there does not appear to be that much competition yet, understandably, with hillary clinton out there find of freezing the field. >> i don't think so. martin o'malley made noise he's interested, joe biden, and kristen gillibrand, elizabeth warren, a lot of buzz, and governor cuomo from new york. a lot of talk. and let me not forgot joe biden. he will
? >> gulf coast t states. katie: ready. >> louisiana. katie: >> mississippi. alabama. florida. texas. >> boom. katie: nice job. hat is your next category? katie: i think you should do the kardashians. you guys have to name the kardashian kids as well as the name of their mother. are you ready for that? >> kris. katie: ok. >> kourtney. katie: nice job. >> kim. kim. kim. katie: yes. >> khloe. >> rob. katie: nice. nice. nice. >> who can't talk english. >> troy, that is embarrassing. that is embarrassing. >> i couldn't have got that for $10 million. katie: well played, 9-7 the swamp people" win. nice. very, very nice. >> all thanks to the kardashians. all right. nice job. thank you guys. you were great. when we come back why the rural reality phenomenon has exploded and the very latest on your favorite shows from honey boo boo [ male announcer ] yoknow what's so awesome ababout the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos,
millionaires today, in colorado, texas and oklahoma, powerball ticket holders earned a $2 million prize. there were $1 million winner in a total of 16 states. white says he's been banking on this win for a while, something he joked about in a game with his siblings. >> the joke was their financial plan consists is of playing the lottery. everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. who is right now? >> reporter: white says his first purchase is likely going to be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad. as for the stores that sold those winning tickets they are all going to get a little jackpot of its own. this stop and shop says it's likely going to donate it's money to the community. people have been lining up to get their powerball tickets for saturday night's drawing, another $40 million. >> i love his first purchase by the way. thank you so much. >>> still ahead on "world news." go get your old cell phones. we're going to show you a new way to put hundreds of dollars in your pocket right now. it's real money. and the new thrill awaiting you on your vacation. is your fam
in texas. it will chime once a century. a kind of hello to the infin it in future. from a guy who loves the infin it in possibilities right now. >> we love the pioneer. we even like going down alleys that turn out to be blind alleys. every once in awhile, one of those blind alleys opens up into a broad avenue. >> and so we choose the aston h astonishing jeff bezos. we thank you for watching. "20/20" tonight in this week of lotto fever, how to get lucky and stay lucky. >>> and david mere, here this weekend. good night. wheel... of... fortune! [ tropical music plays ] [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, pat sajak and vanna whit [ cheersnd applause ] hey, how you doing? hello, boys and girls, moms and dads. thank you, jim thornton. thank you, v vanna whi. thank k u, pat. goodbye. [ applause ] hi. nice of you to show up. grab thoseevices. it is time for our first "toss up" of the night.
-year-old tennessee fan fell about 45 feet, and later dies. in 2011, a texas rangers fan fell about 20 feet to his death, over the balcony, trying to catch a ball, tossed to him by outfielder josh hamilton. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> there is the 3-2. davis this the air to left field, he hit it deep, back and goodbye. home run. crushing his major league leading 33rd home run. that was in phoenix. he set a walk off cannon ball into chase field. there it goes. arizona wins 7-6. unfortunately, though, the loss doesn't help them. he trails three teams including arizona in the wild card standings. try to make up some ground against the giants at gnats park tonight. >> we have talk add little bit about that apparent risk, between head skins head coach and the star quarterback, r.g. 3, here is tim brand with his take. >> hello, again, everybody. an interesting day, reporters seem to be digging for a story that may not have been there. bottom line, is mike shanna hon reiterated that he will not play in the pre-season. he also said if his quarterback doesn't have any set backs he will pla
at a rec center in texas. and the support she's receiving after this video went online and went viral. >>> let's start this morning with the first of the ocean's 16 to step forward. her name is susan nichol. she is part of that pool of maintenance workers that hit the powerball this week. this story, a huge blast of hope for a community that was hit very hard by superstorm sandy. and aditi roy is all over the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this lottery winner may be part of ocean 16. but she's on cloud nine. she revealed her identity to the public. and why she's not leaving her job just yet. this morning, we're hearing from one of ocean 16 for the first time, the county workers that won big in wednesday's $448.4 million powerball jackpot, has protected their anonymity until now. >> i'm still up in the clouds. >> reporter: new jersey native, susan nichols, says she wouldn't believe it when she and 15 fellow workers hit all five numbers and the powerball. >> my co-worker shook me. we did win. >> reporter: until friday night, the only thing we knew about the county government wor
here in texas. eight people shot, four of them kimmed. two of the fatalities were found in the suburban home behind me. that's where police say the gunman murdered his ex-girlfriend after he apparently first tossed some sort of explosive device in there. we're told when police arrived, the suspect actually pretended to be among the injured. police have identified that suspect as erby bowser. he is at the police department now. before he got to this home, he stopped at another home in south dallas, where he thought his ex-girlfriend was. she wasn't there. but that did not stop him from shooting four people, killing two. among the injured this morning, amy, a 13-year-old and 11-year-old boy. >> what a sad, sad story. ryan owens. thank you so much. >>> a terrifying scene at a fair in minnesota, after a rodeo bull broke loose. a family with young children, as you might imagine, running for their lives. 8 people were injured when a 1,200-pound bull escaped its pen. it was on the run for 15 minutes before it was finally and thankfully captured. >>> overnight, we learned another major bank, jp
a ball, fell to his death in texas, in front of his young son. this morning, the question being raised once again, should stadiums build higher railings or nets to protect fans? or would that compromise those sweeping, unobstructed views of the field that today's fans now demand? cannot say it enough. take great care in the upper decks. as for last night's fall in atlanta, police say the victim was 29 years old and from the atlanta metropolitan area. >>> overnight, a gas pipeline explosion in western illinois. you see it here. sending flames towering into the air. it take emergency crews several hours to shut off the gas line. nearby residents had to be evacuated. no injuries have been reported. no word as to what caused the explosion. >>> here in new york, mayor michael bloomberg says he will appeal a federal judge's ruling that found the nypd's stop and frisk policy compromised the rights of thousands of minorities. the mayor said the policy helped save thousands of lives by removing guns from the streets. but the judge ruled the tactics unfairly targeted black and hispanic men. >>>
. maggie from lewisville, texas, says you always seem so put together. but do you do a lot of cooking? if so, what's your specialty? >> i love to cook for my kids. i would love to cook every day. it's not realistic for me just because i'm working. michael: what's one signature -- i where the kids go mommy, we've got to have this. nicole: we are gluten-free but i believe you don't have to eat little foods be gluten-free because i like real food. i make a great gluten-free pasta, pancakes. michael: when are we coming over to eat? nicole: well. michael: i got kicked out of the league. now you don't even feed me. i've got to work on your family. i really do. nicole: you're gone. you're in new york. and we miss you. michael: i'll fly back just for your cooking. nicole: sherry from providence. my dad is a faithful viewer of the show. i believe his has bit of a man crush on michael but constantly gets his name wrong. he calls him michael stainrod. [laughter] [applause] michael: you know what, sherry? nicole: i say the same thing, weirdly. michael: as long as he calls me, i'm happy. all right
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